All the world's a stage

Against the Thieves of Bastion

The Doors encounter corruption, intrigue... and the death of one of their own

The Fountain of VictoryUnder the watch of Captain Varhis, Thadeus’ replacement as the head of the city guard, crime is at an all time low in Bastion. Or is it?

The general citizenry feel safer in the streets, but traders leaving the city aren’t faring so well, and a visiting noble from Saleria had a large coffer of gold intended for hiring mercenaries stolen from his well guarded inn.

Further, the gang known as ‘The Reds’, a small time group of thugs when Thadeus bore the Captain’s shield, are getting a lot more mention in tavern rumours.

While Callum tended to the gardens of Thadeus’ family home, and did his best to train Meepl in the ways of a manservant to help Thadeus’ sister around the house, the rest of the Doors hit the streets of Bastion in search of information. To help with this, they purchased magical disguises from the rakshasa peddler outside the gates in order to avoid any altercations with the less open-minded citizenry.

These investigations led them to understand that the rising thieves guild was getting inside information from the city guard – customs inspectors at the gates were passing on detailed descriptions of departing wagon contents to members of the Reds.

Posing as weatlhy merchants, the Doors departed the city in a disguised wagon, and true enough, were beset by raiders. After fighting these off and capturing two, Callum gave each the choice of talking and living, or a lesser alternative. After the first bandit was decapitated, the second was forthcoming with her entire life story, which included details of the Red’s operation.

The conspiracy went as high as the second in command of the city guard, and potentially included Captain Varhis himself, although despite their efforts they were unable to determine if this was so. However, during one of Callum’s spying efforts in vermin form, he also discovered a planned attack on Thadeus, a retributive effort from the gang members for his actions as Captain of the Guard.

True enough, that evening, the previous home of Thadeus came under attack from Loras the cutthroat and a group of brigands. While the party managed to chase them from the home, D’ezio was cut off from the group and gravely injured. Loras stood between him and the rest of the party and attempted to bargain the drow’s life for allowing Loras to escape. When Callum would have none of this, Loras slit D’ezio’s throat and attempted to run in vain, before being cut down from behind.


Jade Creed cries: Noooo, not another death in this house, and he was only trying to protect us. Thad, you have to stop this!

Against the Thieves of Bastion

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