All the world's a stage

Justice served, Vengeance found!

GraveAfter burying their fallen party member and saying short words on his behalf, the Doors renewed their efforts in exposing the corruption in the city guard and ending the Red’s crime spree.

After Lieutenant Warik’s room was visited by a nosy and inquisitive spider (with eight rounded elven eyes for any sharp enough to see), the party came into possession of a discarded magical scroll of disguise. Linking this to the rakshasa outside of Bastion, Thadeus and co. went to Zav to find out what he knew.

Since they were some of his best customers, and also purchased another stack of disguise scrolls during the visit, he told them two important details of note. The first was that the city guard knew of his operation and allowed it to thrive, and Warik in particular, had purchased some of his scrolls of disguise himself. This made little sense to the group, as they were aware the scrolls merely made non-humans appear as humans. Upon scrutiny, they became aware that the scroll had been magically modified – this one in particular made any human appear as a generic dragonborn.

Thadeus rightly deduced that this was how Valk, his previous lieutenant, had been framed and dismissed from the city guard – Warik had used the scroll to pose as him and perform the misdemeanours he was accused of. While the disguise wasn’t perfect, and didn’t actually even reassemble Valk that much, the close minded folk of Bastion failed to make the distinction.

Few in Bastion had the magical talent to modify the scroll in this way, and thus it appeared that they had also discovered the reason behind the dissapearance of a prominent local illusionist.

While they contemplated their next move, they received a summons to meet with General Garet Wylk, the head of Bastion’s military and an old friend of Thadeus. During this meeting, where Wylk outlined a future task he hoped Thadeus could help with, the group passed on the information they had gathered. The general was shocked to learn of this, but as far it pertains to matters within the city, his hands are tied. However he was loathe to allow such corruption to fester, so offered Thadeus a deal: Handle the matter yourselves, remove and dispose of Warik, and he would provide an airtight alibi, in case of repercussions.

The group retired to Jade Creed’s home to consider this, and plan their attack. Again, like the night previous, a dark figure was spotted lurking outside. Callum snuck out to investigate, and in confronting the lurker, discovered an unlikely adversary – someone bearing the unmistakeable features of D’ezio!

His mind raced, and the only conclusion he could come to based on their prior experiences was that D’ezio had been raised from the dead like the fallen of Oakhurst – and surely enough, the previous drow shied away from Callum’s channeled burst of holy energy… and yet, he spoke.

D’ezio explained that he had indeed risen from the grave, that he was undeniably undead, but retained everything of what he was, and further, was at a loss to explain. At best he assumed that experiments at the hands of his past master had somehow caused this.

One thing had changed, and that was a sudden need for vengeance on those that had killed him, and he joined the party again in assaulting the hideout of the Reds. They confronted Warik, Ormast the rogue illusionist and a mixed group of guards and bandits, and the once quiet and abandoned warehouse was beset with violence. The doors prevailed, and the combat culminated in D’ezio channeling all his gathered energies through the webbed wand of Kaspernius, and ultimately consuming Wariks entire form in consuming flame, not even leaving ash behind.


General Garet Wylk says: Thadeus and his compatriots were with me all of last night, as I briefed them on a matter of military security.

Justice served, Vengeance found!

Captain Varhis says: My lieutenant is missing and I suspect you know more than you are letting on Thadeus… it would be in your best interests if tomorrow morning I find that you are no longer in my city.

Justice served, Vengeance found!

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