All the world's a stage

Rumours and Hearsay

Tales currently doing the rounds in the Scattered Lands

The eagerly awaited annual wayfarer’s tournament begins tomorrow, pitting the local talents of dragonhold’s own arena against gladiators who have traveled from other arenas across the Scattered Lands.

The armies of Dragonhold and Bastion have come to arms in the no-mans-land between the two cities, and no one knows for sure what set off the hostilities. This comes as a surprise after a successful exchange of prisoners between the two rivals.

The trials of forty-three Bastion guardsmen accused of corruption began today, and will continue for the remainder of the week.

The flagship of the infamous pirate Captain Jarez has sunk in the harbor of Blackwater Bay, and is limiting easy access to the docks and earning the ire of traders and smugglers alike.

Unbelievably, Angrik the Worghunter’s streak of consecutive bounties is at an end, as talk across the plains reports he has allowed a mark to escape his clutches.

The ancestral homes of the Al’djinn families in Saleria have been set ablaze, and the fire has raged unchecked through the grounds for the past two days.

An argument between Dragonhold’s chief historian and Tal Lorvas, a visiting necromancer, almost came to blows, before the tiefling was forcibly removed from the archives.



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