Childhood friend of Elhanna


Orr departed the Far Edges with his fellow younglings to explore the world and pass his rite of passage into adulthood. This led him into service as a bodyguard to a dwarven lord, retired from his duties in the armies of Dragonhold, and settled in a small keep a few days ride from the city.

This keep was assaulted by a band of orcs, and despite fighting viciously, Orr was unable to hold the keep, suffering an unseen blow to the head that knocked him out of the fight.

A few days later he was given into the ‘care’ of the bounty hunter, Angrik the Worghunter: an old acquaintance of the warband leader, and someone with an expressed interest in any goliaths traveling from the north.

His interrogation was brutal, and only by the kindest of fates did he survive his capture and eventual escape thanks to Elhanna and her allies.



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