Town appointed Magistrate at Thoren's Reach


Commissioned by the town to keep the peace. Young, experienced and disciplined fighter, who takes his position of responsiblity seriously. Sometimes seems out of place in this rural setting, he endeavours to keep the peace and ensure the town runs smoothly.


Well trained, Revin previously worked as a high ranking personal guard for the ruling house of Saleria, but left of his own volition and is content to have settled in relative obscurity in Thoren’s Reach.

Fair yet steadfast in upholding the laws and decrees of the town, he has clashed in the past with certain locals who are used to getting their own way and abusing the freedoms of the Frontier.

He has recently learnt of the troubles in Saleria, and even feels guilt for abandoning the city when he may have helped prevent what came to pass there.

Much as he would like to return, especially to check on the wellbeing of cared ones, he feels this would be repeating the same mistake – abandoning his responsibilities in Thoren’s Reach and leaving the community vulnerable in an hour of need.


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