The Silver Dagger

Deadly yet alluring killer


A young female, the only clues to the assassin’s identity is a description of her distinctive fighting style – agile and fluid, with a propensity for fighting with a pair of silver daggers.


The current chaos in the city of Saleria in the far south can be laid at the Silver Dagger’s feet. While the head of the ruling house was less than popular, he kept order in the city, and prevented the other rival houses from upsetting the status quo. That is, until his renowned personal guard was upstaged and he was assassinated by the Silver Dagger at a very public event. While the kill was flawless, the escape was less so, yet she managed to evade capture and depart the city.

Her current whereabouts are completely unknown, though the immense bounty on her head has drawn many accomplished bounty hunters and trackers to her trail. One such renowned individual has reason to believe she fled to the Frontier, and may have been enticed to the new Arena established in Thoren’s Reach.

The Silver Dagger

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